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Please call in to the practice to complete a simple registration form, which will require your bank details. Practice staff will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Pricing & Monthly Fees:



Small Dog (< 4kg)


Medium Dog (4.1 - 10kg)


Large Dog (10.1 - 25kg)


Extra Large Dog (over 25kg)


This will provide your pet with a full clinical examination, twice a year, to assess the following:

Eyes and Ears
Dental Health
Skin and Coat
Heart and Lungs
Joints and Muscles
Dietary Advice



Arden House Healthcare Plan

Whether you are a new or an existing client, we would like to thank you for choosing Arden House Animal Hospital.

The Arden House Healthcare Plan has been designed to provide essential routine veterinary healthcare that your pet will require throughout the year. It enables you to budget by spreading the cost of this healthcare into monthly payments and it will save you 10% on these services too.

Take a look at our current offers for any further information, please call us.


Healthcare Plan Benefits


Being a member of our Health Care Plan means you pay a monthly fee via direct debit which helps spread the cost of routine preventative care for your pet, with the added bonus of saving 10% on the overall cost per year. Your monthly fee covers the following:


Essential annual vaccincations
Two full veterinary examinations per year
Monthly Flea Protection
Worm Protection (Four doses sufficient for 12 months protection)
10% discounted fees for additional services, such as neutering, microchipping, dental procedures and additional vaccinations.
Free claw clips throughout the year as needed

Our practice healthcare plan brings pet owners peace of mind by providing their pet's preventative healthcare needs. Twice yearly visits means that we have the opportunity to give your pet a thorough check up, allowing us to monitor their general health and offer advice, support and treatment planning, which in many cases may prevent problems arising in the future.



Annual vaccinations help protect against the following potentially life-threatening diseases:

For Dogs


Kennel Cough (A separate vaccine also included in your plan)


For Cats


Feline Leukaemia
The Cat Flu Viruses
Feline Enteritis


Vaccinations are also a great opportunity to give your pet a complete physical examination to assess:


General Health
Dental Health
Skin and Coat
Heart and Lungs
Joints and Muscles
Treatment Planning
Dietary Advice

Call us now to get your full quotation and how you can register with us today.

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