Springtime pet safety

8th March

As spring arrives, with it come some potential hazards that our pets can encounter during the season.Chocolate - With lots of chocolate around the house, we'd like to remind pet owners, especially those with dogs, of the danger ...
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Troublesome grass seeds

28th June 2023

During the summer we start to see an influx of grass seed cases arriving in the hospital. The worst offenders are seeds (awns) which look like small darts with a sharp point and fanned tail. The grasses grow to a height and rele ...
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Spot is a star!

20th June 2023

7 year old Spot was brought in by his owner after they noticed that he had a discharge from his eye and he was squinting. An examination by vet Cat revealed that Spot had a corneal ulcer (damage to the clear outer surface of the ...
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Heat and our pets

8th June 2023

As we enjoy the Summer sunshine, it is important to remember our pets are less able to tolerate the heat and humidity of the season.We regulate our body temperature by sweating, pets go about it in a different way. Dogs do not s ...
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Star pet - George!

28th January 2022

Meet George! This lovey boy is a star pet after recovering from traumatic leg injuries.Back in September last year George (age 5) was taken to the out of hours emergency vet by his owners with some nasty wounds on his hind legs. O ...
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Travelling after Brexit

30th September 2021

The UK, for pet travel, has been granted Part 2 Listed Status which means there are now important changes to pet travel rules between Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and the EU and Northern Ireland. Below is a list ...
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Arthritis Awareness

30th September 2021

With the colder winter weather some of us will be noticing our joints are feeling more achy and the same will be true of our dogs and cats. Cool weather can leave joints especially stiff and tender, meaning an increase in discom ...
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