Spot is a star!

Posted on 20th June 2023

7 year old Spot was brought in by his owner after they noticed that he had a discharge from his eye and he was squinting. An examination by vet Cat revealed that Spot had a corneal ulcer (damage to the clear outer surface of the eye). To confirm a diagnosis of an eye ulcer a special orange fluorscein dye is applied to the eye. The fluoroscein will not stain a healthy eye, but it will stain a wound on the cornea green (see picture below). Spot was prescribed some eye drops and required regular check ups to see how the ulcer was healing. As the healing process was progressing slowly, Spot required a procedure called debridement.The vet applied a numbing eye drop and using a cotton bud gently rubbed the eye surface to remove loose cells. This procedure also encourages new healing cells to form and stick to the ulcer.

Spot's eye drop treatment continued, but at his next check up the ulcer had not healed as much as expected, so the next step was to admit Spot to the hospital for a surgical procedure called a grid keractotomy. Under a general anaesthetic a small sterile needle was used to 'scratch' little grooves into the ulcerated area to help the healing cells anchor to its surface. His owners continued to medicate him with eye drops and for the next three weeks Spot was doing well and his eye was slowly improving. Then his owner noticed that Spot's eye was looking more cloudy and an examination showed that he had developed a serious condition called a melting ulcer. This can occur when bacteria infiltrates the ulcer. In order to save his eye Spot required intensive medical treatment that involved the frequent application of different types of eye medication. As Spot's owners were out at work, Spot came into the hospital each day for 5 weeks for the nurses to treat him.

Spot was such a laid back boy and as good as gold with having his eye drops applied. The nurses all adore him! Each day he would happily trot into his kennel, the same one each day so that it was familiar for him. He was quite happy watching the comings and goings of the day and was especially keen to go for a walk in the garden and enjoy some fuss, his favourite being back scratches! Spot is doing well and his eye ulcer is healing with scar tissue forming. He is still on eye drops that his owners are adminstering at home.We are continuing to closely monitor his eye.

For his bravery and sweet nature, Spot is a well deserved star pet!

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