Take the fright out of Halloween!

Posted on 24th October 2023

Halloween has become more popular with parties being held, fireworks being let off and childern out trick or treating. Here are a few reminders to ensure that your pet stays safe.

  • Keep your cat indoors whilst the trick or treaters are out
  • Take your dog for a walk before it gets dark
  • Frequent knocks at the door from trick or treaters can be unsettling for pets. Provide your pet with a safe, quiet and secure area in which to retreat, complete with their favourite bed, blanket and toy.
  • Pop on the TV or radio to help overshadow noises from the outside
  • Think about where to place decorations - some cats and dogs will find them tempting to chew or swallow
  • If you have guests,remind them to keep their food and drinks out of the reach of pets and dispose of leftovers in a secure bin
  • Keep candles well out of the reach of swatting paws and wagging tails
  • Keep all edibles out of reach of your pet, especially chocolate products and sweets that contain the natural sweetner xylitol as these can be toxic - contact your vet immediately for advice if you suspect that your pet has eaten any
  • Keep pets away from the front door. Children in costumes can scare a pet and with the door opening and closing frequently, you don't want them escaping.(Ensure your details are up-to-date on the microchip database and that you dog is wearing an identity tag on their collar in case it should happen).
  • To avoid the door bell repeatedly ringing, stand outside and hand out treats during the busiest time
  • Do not dress your pet up unless they are completely comfortable with this and ensure that the accessories are kept simple. Supervise your pet at all times
  • If eaten, glow sticks can make dogs unwell. The glowing liquid inside the tubing is an irritant and can cause your dog to develop salivation, frothing at the mouth, vomiting and tummy pain. These items can be attractive to cats, so make sure to keep them away from any feline friends as well.

Happy Halloween! 


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